Thursday, February 22, 2018

5 Things To Know About Using Facebook

If you haven’t already – sign up for your Facebook Fan Page!

1. The Fan page –a few months ago Facebook added fan pages and made them more business friendly. Any business on Facebook should create a fan page for their business and start adding additional content there. The cool thing about fan pages is that it’s now a lot like having another web site. You can add applications, newsletter sign-up pages and events and promote them to your friends on Facebook. When someone becomes a fan of your page, your updates on the page show up on their wall giving additional exposure. It’s all pretty new and something you should take advantage of.

2. Events, videos and Applications– Use the heck out of all of the Facebook applications. Promote events, upload or record video, hold contests and polls. All of this extra engagement is so easy to do using pre-built tools. And don’t forget to integrate your Facebook activity back to your web site and blog using a Facebook Fan Box!

3. Interesting Content – Give your Facebook fans a little something extra they might not find on your blog or web site. Upload images from events, daily or weekly specials for your facebook fans, or a how-to pr recipe. It’s perfectly fine to cross post things from Facebook to Twitter. Some people just happen to like to use Facebook more than twitter and this way they still get updates.

4. Awareness Ads –Facebook has built a great ad targeting tool. You can target ads to Facebook members on all kinds of criteria and run pretty low cost campaigns. The trick though is to run campaigns that are compelling and promote your FaceBook Fan Page instead of trying to sell something. Promote your white paper, events, and various web content – create awareness about your great restaurant to earn the trust it takes to actually sell something to someone. Here’s where you go to find more info about Facebook Ads.

5. Custom HTML – this one’s a little more technical but when you create a fan page you will see your page comes with tabs for various categories of content you create (each tab has it’s own URL or page identifier so you can promote each section on your fan page around the web). Using the Facebook Mark-up Language (FBML) you can create custom boxes of HTML content, like newsletter sign-up pages, blog RSS feeds, and white paper downloads just like you might on your web site. FBML is a Facebook application you can get here.

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