Thursday, February 22, 2018

Business Socials

A no brainer, right?

If you select the right group to partner with, you can leverage their resources to promote your restaurant, and you can also target your core audience.  Host socials where the food and beverage are center stage.  Arrange photo opportunities that include your displays in the background and submit to local media.  Partnering with a business, community, or charitable organization works on many levels and can help you stretch your marketing budget while still delivering higher returns on investment than can be achieved with traditional advertising.

A great place to start is with MeetupsMeetups is a website that helps people find others with common interests.  Meetup members form local community groups that regularly meet face-to-face.  Why not invite them to meet at your place?

And certainly, above all, we understand that sometimes you are just too busy with day to day operations.  That is why hiring us to help you with your local store marketing is a remarkable idea.  We can take care of every detail from planning to execution as well as  marketing to our expansive data base of local consumers.  It is our job to make sure  we create word of mouth and trial for you restaurant or bar.

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