Thursday, February 22, 2018

Do Restaurants Really Need a Web-Site?

My good friends David and Terra own an amazing restaurant and bar in Colorado. They have owned the restaurant for a couple of years and do a steady business of mostly repeat customers. That’s good. They don’t have a web-site yet – that’s not so good. I constantly obsess about all of the opportunities that they are missing because of it.

Below is a partial list of how they could use it. What other ideas do you have? I would like to send them a complete list – hopefully it will inspire them = )

Build an e-mail list
Take reservations online
Post their hours
Have a copy of the menu
Announce upcoming events and specials
Promote Happy Hour
Post pictures and videos of customers
Announce guests’ birthdays
Post pictures of the food and dinning rooms
Have contests

Here is a great post about making a successful restaurant web-site

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