Thursday, February 22, 2018

All Night Happy Hours Are Creating The BUZZ!

Buzz Marketing Experts Mary White-Cornell and Loma Gregg bring more than just the buzz… they bring the customers! Events gathering from 30 – 400 happy faces are brought to establishments in the Seattle and its Eastside.  A recent online announcement was answered with a rush of RSVP’s to fill the house within 4 days of posting.  “What we concentrate on is the customer experience” says Gregg.  “No one seems to care that I can never remember their name or that I try to make everyone stand so that they’ll mingle, they feel welcome and we make sure they’re greeted as soon as we see them approaching a doorway entrance and that they’re directed to one of the other co-organizers so they immediately feel they’re part of the crowd.  Most have not been to the venue, let alone with a room full of strangers.  Its our job to make sure they leave feeling better than when they arrived!”

To book a complimentary happy hour, Cornell says all you have to do is offer our extensive data base of members (currently between all of the groups they serve it well over one thousand local members) an All Night Happy Hour special from 7:00PM to close!  Most establishments find it less confusing for both staff and guests to offer their standard happy hour menu.

We also provide suggestions to get all those people back in the door soon!  Our favorite is a drawing for a bottle of wine provided by one of the restaurants beverage vendors.  We collect (and share) the business cards for data basing.  Part of our marketing service includes bounce back cards, which reflect a special if the guests come back within 2 weeks, full color posters to create the internal buzz, published reviews, Tweets on multiple Twitter accounts, social media posting on over 6 locally serving sites and always additional suggestions for marketing.

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