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red_ballThis is one of the most important and underutilized tools that bounces guests from peak times to off-peak times and can also work to encourage frequency in your food and beverage operations.

While simple in theory and execution, this tactic can produce far more in revenues per dollar invested than traditional advertising.  All you do is offer incentives at the point of purchase on popular services to encourage the guest to try your restaurant another time.  For instance, if youre busy for lunch and need to drive sales for dinner, offer bounceback certificates that can only be redeemed during dinner hours.

Test different offers and delivery vehicles and track response rates for each to hone in on what works best with your clientele.

Creating Bounce Back Certificates need not be difficult or expensive!  Office Deopt sells a store brand of business card stock.  Create a mini certificate on a business card using WORD or AVERY templates.  You can even insert your logo!  Be sure to include an expiration date and a small area for you to inital/validate.  Then, print them on your office printer as you need them!

For a template and an sample, just email me! All you’ll have to do is insert your own graphic!

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