Thursday, April 17, 2014

The WOW! Factor

word of mouthHow much time & money do you spend to bring your customers in the door?

How much time & money do you spend to train your staff how to take care of your customers once they’re there?

Let’s look at the logic.  You spend A LOT of time, effort and money to get customers through the door.

  • Newspaper ads, Radio-TV commercials, auction donations.
  • Direct mailers, billboards, flyers, premiums, certificate.
  • Sweepstakes-contests and every promotion under the sun.
  • Your web site. Facebook, MySpace & Twitter.
  • Your email newsletter, birthday club, fishbowl lunches and more.

Doesn’t it make sense to spend the same amount of time, effort and money on employee training?

What comes to mind when you think Nordstrom? Customer Service. Security in knowing you’ll be treated well. Quality Service, Quality products, High Prices. It’s a Nordstrom Culture. And people still pay for the overpriced designer Tshirts – I saw one for $150.

What comes to mind when you think Starbuck’s? Clean Facility, Trendy, Friendly & Attentive Staff. Overpriced Coffee. It’s a Starbuck’s Culture .  And people STILL pay for the overpriced coffee.

Costco vs. Sam’s Club? It’s my personal observance that you can take me blind folded into each and I could tell you where you are.  One has spotless floors, fully stocked shelves/meat cases/freezers, knowledgeable staff, fresh products and a no problem return policy.   The other box store has a few lower prices, but I’ve had to walk around empty boxes, wonder where the beef is, cringe using the restroom and wonder if its manager has any sense of customer service – or was trained. It’s a Costco Culture that makes the difference. Top quality and service are not only expected – they’re TRAINED into their employees.

I could go on about the differences in the establishments I visit.  But the bottom line is YOURS.

Guess what?!

The amount of money you spend on getting your customer IN really matters if they’re not given a WOW! Factor.

Invest time in your service training, invest time in creating a “culture”.  Hire people that understand that culture – they must look, feel and act the part of your culture!

Contact Mary &  Loma to learn how YOU can easily create the WOW! factor. They’re here to help you OUT THINK, OUTPERFORM AND OUT EARN!

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