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9 Tips to get FREE Traffic To Your Website

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Web TrafficIf you currently run a ‘static’ web site – one that can’t be easily updated, or contains the same information it did even a month ago, you’re not taking full advantage of today’s resources.  Statistics show the first thing most people do when thinking about doing business with a product, company or person is to search them on the web.  For this reason alone, your information needs to be kept fresh.  The search engines will rate fresh sites higher than others.

There are many ways to drive traffic to your website and I’ve included 9 FREE things you can do today.  These don’t take a rocket scientist, but I do recommend finding a friend or business associate to get you through the first initial learning curve.  I fought learning WordPress until my son made me do it… and I’ll be forever grateful.

Once I was actually up an online with my blog, and complaining about not knowing this or that, I was given a WordPress for Dummies book – Awesome!!!  I skimmed through and learned things like ‘permalinks.  Cool stuff.

The whole idea behind a website is to drive traffic there!  Once there, they need to be ‘engaged’.  Either by having cool stuff to read about,  to buy, or getting any effective call to action.

  1. Get your BLOG on.   Everyone needs one.  Really.  Even restaurants. I recommend WordPress. It’s easy to use and free. Get yours here BLOG
  2. Choose your WordPress theme, also free. There are also some more intricate and detailed themes for about $50 – but getting a free template is a great way to start.  Check this site for thousands of themes: THEMES
  3. Tweet.  Install a Twitter plug in to your WordPress blog, so Twitter users can tweet about your posts.
  4. Connect your blog with Twitter. There for you can get various Plugin for WordPress also for free. PLUGINS
  5. Keywords & Meta Tags. Use Keyword phrases of three to four words, you can check popular Keyword phrases here ADWORDS Write a short and easy description, include your phrases as well.
  6. Twitter to Facebook. The posts which you publish in your WordPress blog will be pinged to twitter and twitter pings them to facebook.
  7. Build and engage your twitter followers and your facebook friends. Step into 2way communication. Don’t just broadcast!
  8. Do it!!! Post informational and remarkable frequently. Start with a post per week and increase the number step by step. Write about the things which your audience is interested in. Research news and post related comments, articles and ideas.
  9. Analytics. Google Analytics will be very valuable.  Its free & easy.  You can have one account and review traffic patterns all of your sites & blogs.  You can tell which pages get the hits and how long viewers stay on your site.  Check it out ANALYTICS.
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2 Responses to “9 Tips to get FREE Traffic To Your Website”
  1. CPC_Andrew says:

    Loma, great tips on free traffic. My personal favorite is blogging. If you’re an online merchant you can also get free traffic by listing your items on free comparison shopping engines, like Bing Shopping (, Google Product Search (, or All you need is a data feed.

  2. CPC_Andrew says:

    These tips can’t be talked about enough! Analytics is crucial for tracking site metrics. I hear that having a dedicated url for blogs, like is more effective than for Google indexing. Do you think it’s worthwhile to spend the extra $1-200 to set up a dedicated url for your blog?

    Loma: Hey Andrew! One word. Absolutely! As you said, the set up cost can range from virtually nothing to a few hundred dollars. If you already own a hosting account you can add the custom URL to your blog simply for the cost of the domain name. You can customize the domain name for SEO according to your content. It also appears more professional.

    When executing your ‘brand awareness’ its important to be consistent. Using your own URL, along with all of the other small steps can only help in this strategy.

    By the way, thanks for your great work with merchant’s data feeds! The care you take with your customers really makes a difference in the relevance of their products and their ranking on such sites as Bing Shopping!

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