Thursday, February 22, 2018

Three Simple Things

Thank you!


 I thought the article (below) was worth sharing. It comes from Andy Sernovitz who writes the Word of Mouth Marketing Blog You can have amazing word of mouth — and you can do it on the smallest of budgets without fancy technology. Before you spend big on your next campaign, try these simple fundamentals:1> Great thank you notes
2> Simple surprises
3> Polite requests1> Great thank you notes

We’re convinced that if more people sent thank you notes, the world would be a better place. In about two minutes — for the cost of a postage stamp — you can create a personalized, memorable experience for a customer that they’ll tell the world about. This simple trick alone is one of the big reasons Zappos sold a billion dollars in shoes last year.

2> Simple surprises

Delightful, unexpected surprises are among the most powerful conversation starters. An unexpected upgrade, expedited shipping, or even a special little treat can be all it takes to turn a customer into a fan.

3> Polite requests

Sometimes all a fan needs is a polite nudge from you to get them telling everyone. Specific requests for testimonials, referrals, or reviews often work better than general requests. Your fans love you, but your encouragement helps them remember how much their word of mouth means to you.

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