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#1 Way to Build Sales from Your Office

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Fish Bowl Business Card Marketing


The fish bowl is one of the single-most effective LSM tools – and it may be the easiest to execute, too.  Here are some smart ways to pick winners and use your fish bowl effectively.

  • Each week pick a winning business card.  Don’t just pick any card, be strategic about it.
  1. Look for loyal customers who frequent the restaurant
  2. Look for influential businesses in the community that have  a lot of contact with the public, such as law offices, public servie organizations, real estate agents
  3. Look for influential titles, and people making purchasing and  meeting decisions, such as senior executives, officers, department heads executive assistants and office managers
  4. Look for individuals that have clients they may take to lunch or talk to at length, such as sales people, manicurists (and other salon employees), attorneys and doctors
  • Save the remaining cards.  Don’t throw out the losing cards.  They are a snapshot of the businesses and customers near your restaurant.  With careful study, these cards can tell you a great deal about your neighborhood.
  1. Compare the business cards that you have against your list of local employers.  You will be able to tell who is coming into the restaurant, who isn’t and who to target.  Keep track and see how well you are penetrating the market – or how much potential there still is
  2. Note when you just have one or two cards from a large  business generator near your store; this is a good                                candidate to further promote Your restaurant to
  • Notify the Winner
  1. It’s easy.  Don’t be shy about calling – they put their name  there.
  2. Call and offer the winner lunch for two, four, six …..what ever you decide.
  3. Tell them that they can pick a date anytime within  the next two weeks.  This is to create a sense of  urgency.  You may have to  be flexible, and they may have to call you back with a date
  • Display the Winner.
  1. The fishbowl doesn’t give any gold unless you let the people  know it works.  Show that people actually win – most other restaurants just shame-lessly steal the names for a list
  • Host the Lunch (This is Important – the restaurant manager should be on hand)
  1. Now that you’ve made contact, invite the winner and friends in reserve a table and treat them like kings.  They’ll remember     you for life….and tell others
  2. If they can’t make it in to the restaurant, offer to bring the food to their office.  But don’t just drop it off, stay for a few minutes  and tell them all about your restauant
  3. Now you know a name and a face and can watch them come back again and again
  • Once You’re Inside You’re In
  1. A business card is your way to tap into nearby buildings, churches and schools
  2. Look for different departments of local large companies
  3. Talk it up with the winners.  Ask for names of friends in other departments to offer lunch to, or offer to get involved with company meetings and activities.  Just don’t abuse the trust.  Make friends not enemies.
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