Thursday, February 22, 2018

Restaurant Marketing for Slow Days

My grandmother was super smart.  She built her business on volume.   She offered 10 cent beer, and a whole lotta stuff to purchase with it.  The 10 cent beer brought the customers in, but the little cheese sandwhiches, deviled eggs, pool table, juke box and great service made her money.   “You make your money on volume” was her often touted business model.  Customers may lay down $1 for 10 glasses of beer – but when they stay to drink them they buy other things.

While this may not be practical on a day to day basis with today’s costs, it is certainly a great way to fill the seats on an otherwise empty day.

And you don’t have to serve alcohol to make this suggestion work.

You do need to know your costs, determine what volume you’d need to turn a profit after overhead and food costs and start marketing!

  1. You must make sure your restaurant and staff are prepared to WOW customers! See a few WOW tips here.
  2. Review your meals combos.  Offer a deal good enough for people to come in, and make it ‘no strings attached’.  No’ buy one get one free’, no’ buy a drink and get a discounted side dish’…  Make it a black and white GREAT and REMARKABLE deal.
  3. Calculate your costs to deermine break even.  Your volume will begin slow while word gets out so don’t expect immediate profits.  Allow 6 months to fully realize any marketing tactic.
  4. Use social media, employee incentives, a good outdoor sign…  and be consistent.  EVERY Monday…   or FIRST Monday.

Now! Create a great deal to offer customers – and watch the volume AND SALES increase!


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