Thursday, February 22, 2018

Mary White-Cornell


Mary White-Cornell is a creative marketing specialist who helps businesses design marketing solutions that drive sales. She has a proven track record as an innovative leader, who not only comes up with amazing ideas, but executes them with style.

Have you ever been overwhelmed with the prospect of marketing a business or product? Have you ever been out of fresh ideas or the time to execute them? Mary, having been there once herself, understands. This unique perspective makes it easy for her to relate to and communicate with business owners and managers. Having many years of experience in operations (14 years running her own restaurant) gives her the ability to see the business as a whole and how marketing can contribute to the success of each department.

After selling her own restaurant Mary went to work for Chipotle Mexican Grill. At the time it was a little known burrito joint with only several restaurant locations. While at Chipotle she was fortunate enough to have worked side by side with some true marketing visionaries. Mary was one of the first Local Store Marketing Consultants, where on a grassroots level she designed and implemented initiatives that drove brand awareness, trial and double digit sales. During her 7 years at Chipotle the company grew to over 500 units.

Mary is well equipped to develop comprehensive training and marketing strategy for individual units; create and implement new store opening and marketing plans; make recommendations on the best vehicles and use of advertising; implement community relations and fund-raising efforts; turn PR into Profit and develop highly effective marketing teams.

What is the best thing about Mary? Her talent for building lasting relationships and understanding that is the true key to success.

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