Thursday, February 22, 2018

Van’s Warped Tour Sponsorship

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Van’s Warped Tour Sponsorship


  • Chipotle (Chi-pot-lay) – is a restaurant serving huge fresh, made to order burritos.  The music is pumping the grill is sizzling the food is amazing.  Fresh salsas, and hand marinated meats are made in small batches, with the finest of ingredients.  It’s a gourmet meal without the gourmet price.
  • Warped Tour – is a touring music and extreme sports festival.  The tour is a showcase for punk rock, emo, alternative and post-hardcore bands.  The tour draws crowds of over 10,000.

Marketing Objectives:

  • Be seen as a cool, fun brand with the 14 – 26 year old demo
  • Drive trial
  • Generate brand awareness
  • Connect one on one with fans
  • Connect with influential musicians


  • Hand out 3000 free burrito certificates
  • Sample chips and guacamole at Chipotle sponsored stage
  • Spin the prize wheel to give out cool Chipotle SWAG
  • Feed band members backstage
  • Create a in-kind sponsorship agreement (no cash)
  • Hang Chipotle banners on 2 stages
  • Brand extreme sports area with Chipotle signage


  • 46% of free burrito certificates were redeemed generating trial
  • 60% of redeemed certificates had an incremental sale attached
  • Drove an estimated 12% of new customers
  • Chipotle mentioned throughout the day, onstage by musicians


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