Thursday, February 22, 2018

Local Store Marketing

So What is Local Store Marketing?
Local store marketing is grassroots marketing in your own backyard. It is getting out there and getting to know the community around your restaurant. It is building the brand through building awareness and trial. It is about making friends and building relationships within a 1 -5 mile radius of your business.

Local store marketing is one of the most cost effective and proven tools to achieve long term business relationships with customers and the community. It can:
· Enhance the stores image in the community
· Increase customer loyalty
· Grow store traffic, sales and awareness
· Develop involvement and recognition within the local community

The key to Local Store Marketing

The key to Local Store Marketing is building long term relationships with your local community.

Treat customers and clients like outsiders and that’s how they’ll respond. As a result, you‘ll have to work harder and harder to retain them and prevent them going to your competitors. You’ll never be secure in your relationship with them. You’ll be marketing and investing dollars and energy continually, just to maintain the status quo.

* Treat customers and clients like people – just as you like to be treated – and you open the door to a whole new world.
* It is essential to know and understand the needs of the people in your community and to find and create ways in which you can play a dependable, reliable, thoughtful and even caring role in their lives.
* Aim to become loyal friends people do business with people they like.

Things to Remember!

* Every community is unique, as are its people.
* Every restaurant has different customers and competitors, different trading environments and different trading patterns.
* Well executed local store marketing program will return significantly increased profits for a relatively minor outlay.
* In today’s business environment LSM can be more effective and targeted than television, radio and print.
* LSM requires constant creativity and never ending commitment. Activities need to be executed week in and week out.
* LSM makes your restaurant stand out as unique. If you do something different than everyone else, people will remember you.

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