Thursday, February 22, 2018


What do you want from your marketing efforts and dollars? 


Customers, of course!  ‘Meat in the Seat’ as we affectionately call the results.


Customers usually don’t happen upon your restaurant.  They hear about it, read about it or are in a location that makes you convenient.


You, the restaurant owner, have two tasks.

Attract new customers.

Keep the customers you have.


And we’re going to help you do both!  Sign up for our FREE trial offer (no gimmicks folks – We won’t waste your time by making you get a refund if you’re not happy –  FREE is FREE) and we’ll subscribe you to one month FREE trial!  A $10 Value!

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Why us?


We’ve been in the restaurant business since the 80’s and have built, ran, marketed, sweated in, stressed about, cried over, and sold our own businesses as well as helped others with theirs. If you’re worried about how you’re going to bring in the next customer, make payroll, get up the next morning…  we can relate!


Back in 1987 I opened my first restaurant. With borrowed money from my parents, some common sense and elbow grease, Cornell’s Country Café was born. I remember our opening day….  It was a bright spring day and I was full of anticipation. After months of preparation, the day had finally arrived – I swung open the doors of the cafe, and waited for the crowds to roll in! I undoubtedly had the experience that many other restaurateurs and small business people have had as well – the crowds didn’t roll in.


The first few years were a true struggle. I wondered why I wasn’t making any money and if I was even going to be able to make payroll.  It was incredibly frustrating; I had great food, reasonable prices, a completely friendly and competent staff and a really good location.


I figured it out, or at least I figured out WHAT I had to do – I had to find more customers, get them in more often and once they were there find a way to sell them more food and drinks!  But with little money for advertising and truthfully no money in the bank, I was running out of time and running scared. Really scared.


What I discovered changed how I marketed my restaurant!


But I have to warn you: What you’ll get in our ideas, tactics, strategies and tips is the total opposite of what you’ve been hearing from your advertising reps.


The simple truth is: They do not want you to achieve break through sales using local store marketing because when you succeed – they lose a customer.


What we’re talking about, how to find more customers, get them in more often and once they’re in selling them more food can be done quickly and easily using low cost and no cost marketing tactics which will produce real and measurable results.  I know, because I did it.  And I did it consistently!


I promise you, if you’re like me, once you see your sales and customer counts grow you’re going to feel incredibly powerful… and you’re going to spring out of bed in the morning excited to embrace the day with a new confidence…And you’ll actually look forward to going to work!


How Do I Know This Will Work For YOU?


Because I used these secrets myself to go from being a struggling restaurant owner to a happy one with an actual balance in my bank account that wasn’t zero. The sleepless nights, the scary thoughts, the bill collectors – they all went away. I replaced them with a remodeled restaurant dining room, new point of sale system, staff training, and trips to Maui – yes, I could take a vacation – because I could finally afford to hire and pay a manager to help with day to day operations.


AND, it’s the exact system we’ve used to help many other restaurant chains, owners and managers drive sales and achieve results they never thought possible.


If you’re fed up with the daily struggle, hoping you’ll have a busy week, and praying that the ice machine doesn’t go down again.… if you think that you have tried it all to build your restaurant sales …then I’m betting you haven’t heard about the super simple, low and no cost secret ideas that we’re going to share with you!


The only thing you have to do, is DO.  Don’t read this and tuck it away.  Don’t think “Oh, that’s just too simple, too easy, it won’t work!” or ‘I tried that once and didn’t have luck’.  Believe me, it’s not luck.  You MUST be consistent because results aren’t going to happen overnight.  Just like when I opened my restaurant doors for the first time and expected a line of customers.  That would have been luck!  Instead it took steady, consistent, tactics that paid off in ways I could not have imagined!  Use our ideas and you’ll see results.


If I could give just one really important bit of advice about marketing – you must be consistent and measure your results.  Okay, that’s two.  But you can’t do one without the other! Now, let’s get you started with 26 simple ideas that will work for you!


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