Friday, July 31, 2015

Restaurant Marketing: The Power of FREE

The idea of advertizing is to get your potential customers to try your product.  Often owners and managers look to  discount coupons or print ad because they think it’s less expensive.  But if the idea is to get people to TRY your food – what’s the most effective way? Give it to them.  Free. Instead [...]

TAG! You’re It! Microsoft’s cool new tool…

December 28, 2010 by  
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Microsoft Tag is a super cool, super unique type of bar coding that uses a phone app to scan the coding that looks like a square with shapes and colors, bringing the user – and your potential customers – to anything from a web link, video, map, online coupon or even dial your phone number [...]

Just Say “No”

Ok, quick – close your eyes and tell me what businesses are on the shirt you just looked at. How many did you get right? Did you recall the phone number for the heating and cooling business whose name we can’t see? How about the Grill Shop, does seeing their logo make you want to [...]

Let The World Know About Your Event

Having an event at your restaurant or participating in one in the community? Upcoming is a great site for creating on-line buzz and letting your guests and neighbors know. “Upcoming is a community for discovering and sharing events. It can help you find stuff to do, discover what your friends are doing, or let you [...]

Denny’s Gets It.

February 22, 2010 by  
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Its our opinion that the best way to ‘hook’ customers is to get them to taste your food.  If you’re going to spend $1 to try to get them to taste it – why not GIVE them the taste?  Here’s a recent article to support our give away principles.  Get the food in their mouths, [...]

How To Build Excitement For Slow Days

When you’re going to do a promotion for a slow day, the first thing you may think to do is to let everyone know exactly what’s going on.  But if you want to peak the promotion, just give a little at a time.  A teaser. This works well with all types of venues.  The more [...]

Local Marketing – Google Style

The Google Local Business Center is a must visit for business in general, but certainly for businesses attempting to attract customers in their local community.  As you may know, Google allows you to add your business to a directory and then enhance your profile with all kinds of information about your business, products, and services. [...]

Buzz Bacon says: Fry, fry and fry again. Persistence and sizzle pay off!

April 20, 2009 by  
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Marketing results do not happen over night.  You might get a blitz of people from an advertising campaign, but it may turn into a one time shot…   Not being consistent is a recipe for disaster! How consistently do you market your services? Do you even have a marketing plan? Or are you like most businesses [...]

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