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The Very Best Way to Build Sales in Your Restaurant

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Get out of your office. That’s right.  During peak periods you should be interacting with your customers – shaking hands and kissing      babies.  This is your time to build relationships with the folks that pay your salary.   Make them feel important, learn their names, become their friends, set a great example for your staff. If [...]

The Simplest of Sales Building Tactics

August 25, 2009 by  
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Today, coming home from a long weekend of mountain biking in Oregon I passed by Willamette Valley Vineyards.  It looked like an inviting place and I do love wine, so I pulled off the highway for a visit.  It was an unplanned stop and a bit inconvenient since I wanted to beat rush hour, but [...]

The WOW! Factor

How much time & money do you spend to bring your customers in the door? How much time & money do you spend to train your staff how to take care of your customers once they’re there? Let’s look at the logic.  You spend A LOT of time, effort and money to get customers through [...]

Yes – The Customer is Always Right

Oh, how we love compliments – about our food and our service and what a wonderful evening everyone had.  But are we just as gracious when confronted with a unhappy customer? Seth Godin has a great post about how to respond to negative feed back.  In it he explains how simple it is  to disarm [...]

All Night Happy Hours Are Creating The BUZZ!

Buzz Marketing Experts Mary White-Cornell and Loma Gregg bring more than just the buzz… they bring the customers! Events gathering from 30 – 400 happy faces are brought to establishments in the Seattle and its Eastside.  A recent online announcement was answered with a rush of RSVP’s to fill the house within 4 days of [...]

6 Quick Tips For Newsletters

Did you know it costs six times more to make a sale to a new customer than to an existing one? You can use newsletters to focus your marketing on past customers. Keep costs down by collecting email addresses (fish bowls, contests, customer surveys) and putting your newsletters in a brief email!  3 or 4 [...]

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