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Local Store Marketing 4 Walls Promotion – Profitable vs. Popular

When you plan to promote a menu item, make sure you’re also promoting your most profitable item. You’ll have a popular item, or maybe two – they already sells themselves.  It’s important to recognize that PROFITABLE and POPULAR are two different things. As a child I remember helping to make little cheese sandwhiches on ‘party [...]

Restaurant Marketing for Slow Days

My grandmother was super smart.  She built her business on volume.   She offered 10 cent beer, and a whole lotta stuff to purchase with it.  The 10 cent beer brought the customers in, but the little cheese sandwhiches, deviled eggs, pool table, juke box and great service made her money.   “You make your money on [...]

Restaurant Marketing: The Power of FREE

The idea of advertizing is to get your potential customers to try your product.  Often owners and managers look to  discount coupons or print ad because they think it’s less expensive.  But if the idea is to get people to TRY your food – what’s the most effective way? Give it to them.  Free. Instead [...]

5 Common LSM Mistakes

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Local Store Marketing  is the best, lowest cost and most effective way to market your restaurant.  It is critical that the execution of LSM strategies comes from the local level.  Unit managers  must be engaged and completely committed to seeing the program through. Common mistakes always pop up with a newly implemented LSM strategy.  Be [...]

#1 Way to Build Sales from Your Office

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Fish Bowl Business Card Marketing The fish bowl is one of the single-most effective LSM tools – and it may be the easiest to execute, too.  Here are some smart ways to pick winners and use your fish bowl effectively. Each week pick a winning business card.  Don’t just pick any card, be strategic about [...]

Just Say “No”

Ok, quick – close your eyes and tell me what businesses are on the shirt you just looked at. How many did you get right? Did you recall the phone number for the heating and cooling business whose name we can’t see? How about the Grill Shop, does seeing their logo make you want to [...]

Three Simple Things

    I thought the article (below) was worth sharing. It comes from Andy Sernovitz who writes the Word of Mouth Marketing Blog You can have amazing word of mouth — and you can do it on the smallest of budgets without fancy technology. Before you spend big on your next campaign, try these simple fundamentals:1> [...]

When I Find Time

Do you ever hear yourself say “I’ve got to find time to do some marketing this week?” And then the week comes and goes and you didn’t find one second to work on it? You need to look at marketing the same as you do the rest of your business. What would happen if you [...]

How To Build Excitement For Slow Days

When you’re going to do a promotion for a slow day, the first thing you may think to do is to let everyone know exactly what’s going on.  But if you want to peak the promotion, just give a little at a time.  A teaser. This works well with all types of venues.  The more [...]

The WOW! Factor

How much time & money do you spend to bring your customers in the door? How much time & money do you spend to train your staff how to take care of your customers once they’re there? Let’s look at the logic.  You spend A LOT of time, effort and money to get customers through [...]

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