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Local Store Marketing 4 Walls Promotion – Profitable vs. Popular

When you plan to promote a menu item, make sure you’re also promoting your most profitable item. You’ll have a popular item, or maybe two – they already sells themselves.  It’s important to recognize that PROFITABLE and POPULAR are two different things. As a child I remember helping to make little cheese sandwhiches on ‘party [...]

Restaurant Marketing for Slow Days

My grandmother was super smart.  She built her business on volume.   She offered 10 cent beer, and a whole lotta stuff to purchase with it.  The 10 cent beer brought the customers in, but the little cheese sandwhiches, deviled eggs, pool table, juke box and great service made her money.   “You make your money on [...]

Three Simple Things

    I thought the article (below) was worth sharing. It comes from Andy Sernovitz who writes the Word of Mouth Marketing Blog You can have amazing word of mouth — and you can do it on the smallest of budgets without fancy technology. Before you spend big on your next campaign, try these simple fundamentals:1> [...]

Appreciation + Happy Employees = Great ROI

Here is a link to a great article about how easy it is to increase sales and profits – just by making sure your employees feel appreciated. According to Chester Elton in his book The Carrot Principle, the research firm of Watson Wyatt asked employees of a certain company to identify “very significant” motivators for [...]

8 Ways To Be Efficient NOW!

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There are many – but here’s today’s! 1.  Know your target market or niche.  It’s very important that you have your target clearly defined so you aren’t wasting your time doing activities that will not produce the results you’re looking for.  When you have a clearly defined niche, it’s easier to craft marketing messages, materials [...]

How much should you spend on restaurant marketing?

Although there are several rules of thumb, a typical restaurant should allocate 3% – 6% of sales to restaurant marketing. And remember – you cannot build a house with one pillar.  You need to have several ongoing, consistent methods of marketing, and not all need cost money.  Sometimes TIME and EFFORT have larger payoffs.  IE [...]

10 Local Marketing Ideas To Do Now!

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Shoestring Budget?     Read on… There are thousands of possible tactics you can employ to drive revenues without any reliance on mass media advertising.  Here are 10 of our best restaurant promotion ideas to get your own creative marketing wheels turning. Remember – We know you’re busy and we’re here to help! 1. PUBLICITY STUNTS.  Think [...]

Local Marketing – Google Style

The Google Local Business Center is a must visit for business in general, but certainly for businesses attempting to attract customers in their local community.  As you may know, Google allows you to add your business to a directory and then enhance your profile with all kinds of information about your business, products, and services. [...]

The ROI of Social Networking

As often illustrated in one of our favorite books Duct Tape Marketing, the most common reasons stated by small businesses for not embracing social networking is that they can’t measure or, worse yet, don’t believe there is any solid return on the investment of participation. My question to you regarding the ROI roadblock is this [...]

Menu Bingo

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This is a great tactic for encouraging frequency and getting customers to try different items on the menu.  You simply create bingo cards that have different menu items in boxes.  Have the cards designed with five columns and five rows.  You can also promote other non-food items such as merchandise, cookbooks, and gift certificates.  Guests [...]

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